Why use a self-publishing service instead of going it alone?

There are five main reasons to work with PMBO when it comes to publishing your book:

  1. Outsourcing specialist tasks to PMBO, such as editing, designing, printing, and publishing saves you precious time and frustration.
    The team at PMBO are highly-trained professionals, who have many years of experience working in the publishing industry. Employing the team’s services will ensure a greater level of accuracy and consistency than what one person could achieve on their own. The team knows what’s what, and they strive to assist you in producing the most professional book possible.
  2. Using PMBO, allows you to tap into an extensive amount of quality information to help you self-publish.
    The PMBO team has done all the hard yards for you. We have spent years researching, compiling, and continually updating our self-publishing information. We provide this to you through our website, and there is even more information available to our customers, as needed. Publishing can be complicated, so you only need to know what you need—you don’t need to be an expert in everything. We want to save you from wasting your precious time traipsing all over the internet. Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of information about publishing on the internet—in fact there’s an overwhelming amount of advice, some good and some bad.

    “What you really need is a dedicated team or a publishing consultant, to ensure you get the right information at the right time for your circumstances.”

    We want to give you the best experience of self-publishing possible.
  3. Everyone needs a little human help sometimes, and PMBO is a personalised service.
    Regardless of what service you employ PMBO for, you can be guaranteed that a human will undertake it. The PMBO team will work with you, and communicate with you throughout your project. When you email you will get a personalised response, and when you call you will speak with a human, not receive an automated response.
  4. You can pick and pay for the PMBO services you need.
    At PMBO, we’re happy for you to pay just for the service you need.
    Only want editing? Then only pay for editing. Only need to convert your book to an ebook? Then only pay for ebook conversion.
    We hope that this is the happy medium between working alone and still producing a high-quality book.
  5. PMBO is an industry expert, and not to brag, but we have clout!
    We understand the self-publishing industry, and we keep up with the multitude of changes which occur on an ongoing basis. We have it all covered; from understanding the best ways to write and publish, to understanding how to market and sell to readers.

    We have applied this knowledge to connect with industry experts and develop products (such as our custom-designed royalties dashboard) to give self-published writers the best chance of success with their book. For this reason alone, using PMBO’s services could be the difference between success and failure in your self-publishing venture.

PMBO’s purpose is to assist you to self-publish, and our years of success prove you can trust us to do exactly that; with you as the boss!

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