How long will it take?

How long will it take to publish my book?

We are able to get an ebook converted and published in less than two weeks. However, our service is usually chosen because the client also needs our project management and publishing expertise to ensure everything is done carefully and correctly.

Our small tightly-knit team has the experience of publishing more than 500 books, and about 20% of these have been both print and ebook.

"Most ebook-only projects take around 2 months. Most print and ebook projects take 3-4 months."

Our project timeframes are not just about ebook conversion. Rather, they go from when all the files are supplied and the deposit is paid (the "Delivery Date") to when we load the book and ebook files for sale, or supply back to the client to put up for sale.

There are many possible variables in the time it takes to produce a book, from start to finish, including:

  • full colour printed books take longer to design than greyscale ones
  • ebooks that need to be designed (fixed page design) take longer than ones that are being converted as-is
  • ebooks that require a cover design may take slightly longer than ones supplied with a cover design already done (however we still strongly encourage you to utilise our award-winning book cover designers)
  • features of the book—a book with hundreds of images, dozens of tables and some math equations will take a bit more time than a novel, for example
  • distribution method—an ebook for use on desktop software may take more testing that one for Apple and Amazon
  • client's availability and responsiveness to phone calls and emails
  • client's skill with technology and publishing—if you need lots of assistance to be able to side-load an ebook for testing, this may increase the project timeframe
  • books being proofread, scanned and OCR'd or having illustrations designed will take longer to publish because of the increased workload

PublishMyBook.Online implements rigorous quality control procedures on all of its book design and ebook conversion processes. We have developed our processes over the past decade in response to customer-demand. Your book is your baby, and you want it to look just right. We get that.

In order to ensure all our staff and clients are on the same page, we have excellent communication templates and workflows that we follow. There are certain rules we will not break; for example, we do not send design samples (eg. sample chapters or front cover designs) until another designer has checked the work of the first designer. We do not send anything to print until we have a signed print approval form.

Some of our procedures take place behind closed doors and only we will truly know the extent of the care that goes into each and every book publishing project. But you can rest assured we will do our utmost to let you know if there are any blemishes in your book. If it needs an edit, we will usually let you know. If it could be better designed, you'll be the first to know.

We would rather give you every opportunity to take our advice to make your book better than for your work go out into the world and get no reviews—or worse, get bad reviews you can never take back.

So, we take the proper amount of time to do a good job. We think we're pretty efficient actually. If your job is needed urgently, there are certain stages we can skip or let you handle, so please discuss it as a speed-priority project with us.

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