How do I maintain creative control over my book?

When you work with a publisher it may feel like you have less control over your project, so the best way to maintain creative control is to self-publish. Once you’ve made the all-important decision to self-publish your book, the next choice you have is between doing all the hard work yourself and using professional book designers, editors and/or a book publishing service to make your book as great as it can be.

Self-publishing is all about putting the writer in the driver’s seat and giving the writer the control to publish the book they want. At PMBO we understand and respect this ideal because we are a publishing service who is here to help people self-publish their work.

When you work with PMBO, you maintain creative control over your book because we simply provide you services which make the self-publishing process easier. You can pick and choose from our services or utilise our services from start to finish. Either way, you the writer, and owner of your work; have the final say in everything. We simply provide you with suggestions and support. What you accept and reject is totally up to you—giving you complete creative control over your book.

With us, you will own the copyright in your manuscript always. As for any design work we do for you, you will also own the copyright for that upon payment. For more details please see our terms of service or, if you’d like to get us to distribute your printed book and/or ebook, you may request a sample contract.

If you want complete control over the timing, design and parameters of your book publishing project, PublishMyBook.Online is ideally suited to help you succeed!

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