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Have you have dreamed of holding your book in your hand or publishing your book online to share with the world?

PublishMyBook.Online is different to other self-publishing services. We are about human relationships not automation and yet we bring you the best of both worlds: project management, workflow and efficiency alongside creative ability, skill and knowledge.

This is so that you can have a high quality book and ebook for an affordable price. Throughout the self-publishing journey you won’t feel like you’re alone because PublishMyBook.Online is with you every step of the way. You only have to take a look at the genuine, heartfelt feedback we have received to know we mean what we say and are people you can trust.


We work with authors all over the world!

Thanks to the internet, email and chat, we can provide customer service to people all over the world, from right here in Australia. People live and breathe IT here in Australia. Our young people have a flair for IT and all ages are early adopters of new gadgets and apps. Australian industries incubate fresh ideas in information and communication technology.

It doesn’t matter where you are located. As long as you’re able to use email and transact with us via PayPal, we can work with you to (a) receive payments for services from you and (b) make royalty payments for sales of your books to you in USD or AUD.


We pay our authors regularly and well!

Traditional publishers only offer 5-10% royalties on printed book sales and 20-40% royalties on ebook sales.

We can get you 100% of the net receipts.

Other self-publishing services keep up to 65% of the revenue from your book sales. Amazon itself will do so for your ebook unless you set it up properly. We can help you to get it right to minimise your upfront investment and maximise your returns from book sales!. If you’re the one investing in your book and marketing strategy, you are the one who should directly benefit.

Many companies charge ongoing fees, or a monthly subscription, to have access to their distribution platform. We quote and charge everything up front for each term of a contract. With PublishMyBook.Online, you will always know and be able to plan ahead for your publishing journey.


We’re with you all the way!

Most self-publishing companies only offer to participate in parts of the journey with you.

We’ve been publishing books online since 2011—printed books and ebooks. We offer authors and publishers any part of the puzzle that they need, or the whole gamut of self-publishing services.

We offer all the services you need to take a manuscript through editing to the final stage ready for production, then all the publishing services you require. Deal with one entity for all your book publishing needs. Or utilise one of our publishing consultants to help you get set-up and be able to sell your printed book and ebook on your own accounts. We will interview you, find out your situation, goals, plans and budget, then find the right publishing solution for you. This may involve going direct to some booksellers and using one or more aggregators for the rest. In the end you may decide to use PMBO's aggregation service.

Yes, we are that flexible! We are on a mission to find what is going to be best for you. That's what it means to be people you can trust.

We also have a team of expert book marketers who can provide you with a marketing plan, check and optimise meta-data, help you encourage reviewers to review your book online, design advertisements, websites, help you get going with promoting your book on social media etc.

The PublishMyBook.Online team is human-centered

Too many publishing businesses are automated, expecting you to fit your book into predefined boxes, and do most of the work yourself. PublishMyBook.Online is not a self-help or do-it-yourself system although if that is determined to be the best path for you, we will support you to DIY. We call that support role Publishing Consultation.

In our slogan ‘book publishing by people you can trust’ the key word is ‘people’. Sure, there are ways to convert from one format to another, but the human touch of a project manager and a creative graphic designer or editor is what books need to truly take wing.

Our staff are creative professionals with a broad range of skills from editing to design to marketing, but there are two things we all have in common:

  1. We love books
  2. We are experts at organising authors

Organising authors and helping businesses and organisations with their book design and/or ebook conversion workflow and distribution is part of project management. ‘Project management’ is a fancy term for looking after you. Customer service in the self-publishing industry is often lacking, but at PMBO you will enjoy having someone to work with and make sure your project moves forward on schedule and is published on time and in the highest quality you can afford.

If you fill in something wrong in one of our meta-data forms, our expert publishing coordinators will alert you. They won’t just carry on and put something detrimental into the vendors to go with your published book. That is the value of having a person who cares publish your book online.

Our mission

To offer high-quality customer service that empowers authors and publishers to release books in print and ebooks worldwide.

Our promise to you

We will be flexible, authentic and supportive to you or your organisation’s unique needs.

Online book publishing experts

Use our book marketing, design and ebook expertise to position your book to succeed.

There are complexities in ebook and printed book production that DIY-authors and many publishers and self-publishing businesses are not geared to cope with. The importance of design choices, for example.

Also see Why use a self-publishing service instead of going it alone?

That’s why you should choose PublishMyBook.Online instead.

The book publishing industry is evolving quickly, so it takes a nimble business like PMBO to keep abreast of the changes. No matter what knowledge and expertise you have, we can fill in the gaps. We will guide and support you to achieve your publishing goals, or we can do it all for you!

Unlike many freelancers, we are reliable, we are here to stay, and will communicate with you properly to put the best effort into your publishing success story.

A publisher you can trust

Don’t have a publisher? You are welcome to join us! We can load your book to our own account that reaches major global booksellers and bookstores, and distribute your ebook to all the important ebook vendors. Or we can teach you how to publish your book (print and ebook) online!

We are helpful and flexible during the book design and ebook conversion processes, which means you can receive a draft from us, see how it looks, then ask us to change something. Because you remain in control.
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Are you here to stay?

We have built a strong business so that all of our authors enjoy stability and reliable delivery for many years to come. There are countless publishers and services that have gone broke in recent years. They lacked the nimble decision-making and total commitment to changing technology that PublishMyBook.Online has developed over the past 7 years trading as Australian eBook Publisher.

We have developed the workflows and quality control procedures of big businesses with the personal attention to detail and agility of a small business. You will not find this anywhere else!

We look forward to assisting you.


We accept payment for our services via bank transfer, credit card, cheque, Paypal and Bitcoin. Fees apply to currencies other than AUD and to Paypal and Bitcoin. Please contact us for details and cite your invoice number. 

PublishMyBook.Online respects your privacy. Read more in our privacy policy.

Terms of service
PublishMyBook.Online offers distribution contracts, but for all other kinds of services please refer to our terms of service.

PMBO is managed by one of you
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