In addition to providing publishing services, the team at PublishMyBook.Online has been providing a world-class publishing consultancy service since 2012. We have the knowledge and expertise to quickly understand your situation and what you want to achieve with your book publishing project.

From printing to ebooks, from editing to marketing, from illustration to layout, we have the right information for you when you need it. Phone and skype publishing consultation is available during 9am to 1pm Monday, Thursday and Friday Australian Eastern Standard Time. Otherwise we provide speedy responses via email and social media to our publishing consultancy customers.

What publishing topics can you cover?

We can advise independent authors and business owners on print and ebook publishing matters including:

  • How to sell your ebook on major vendors like Apple, Amazon and Kobo (incl. software, technology, tax, exchange and bank fee considerations)
  • Globally optimised ebook meta-data with book sales and marketing focus
  • Advice about ISBNs, library registrations and book databases
  • What would work best for you and your book, traditional or self-publishing
  • What’s involved in self-publishing
  • Writing, editing and book production advice
  • Printing options and print procurement
  • What’s involved in printed book design
  • What’s involved in ebook conversion
  • How do you distribute printed books and ebooks?
  • How many will you need to sell and at what price (publishing cost benefits analysis)
  • How to manage freelancers to produce a better book
  • What publishing brand should I use when I self-publish

We also advise and serve publishers on ebooks:

How much does it cost to have a publishing consultant?

Each round of advice, up to 2 hours, is AUD $180+GST

Publishers can request our wholesale price list and see our Publisher Service page.

We know of many ways that different authors and publishers are able to achieve ebook distribution and/or global printed book distribution. The different options vary, and our mission will be to find what will be optimal for you. For expediency, please send the answers to these questions when you contact us.

Publishing consultation means different things for different people. It's basically you getting expert advice from us. Our publishing consultants can cut to the chase, tell you exactly what you need to know, based on our experience of publishing more than 500 titles over the past few years.

How to write and publish a book

Publishing Consultation can include discussions by phone, face-to-face and electronic communication (email, skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) regarding topics such as:

  • Self-publishing
  • Writing, editing and production advice
  • Printing options and print procurement
  • Hard copy and electronic book design
  • Book distribution
  • Book marketing, publicity and PR (basics)
  • How to prepare a manuscript for publication
  • Tips to better manage a self-publishing project in Australia
  • How to set up interactive ebooks with audio, video or other interactive forms and fields
  • How to sell printed books and ebooks direct from your own website
  • How to DIY book design, ebook conversion and book publishing

What We Can Enable You to Do

Print on Demand
One book or 1,000–print what you need and nothing more.

E-Book Distribution
One platform connects you to all the top players in digital distribution.

Color Printing
Vibrant, stunning colour for your cookbook, children’s book, graphic novel and more.

Expanded Reach
Access to more than seven billion readers across the world.

Most Popular Formats
More than enough formats to fit any and every genre. Why limit yourself? Go a little crazy.

More Marketing Options
Want to sell more books? This is your way to the top of the bestseller list.

How to sell ebooks direct to vendors

If you would prefer to distribute your ebooks yourself, you may like to engage our publishing consultants to help get you started.

Since 2011, we have been developing accounts with prominent ebook vendors and managing data, sales reports and payments. There are many ins and outs and only experience can teach the best approach. We will be able to get to the bottom of what you need, what your financial and business set-up is, what your goals are and how this gels best with the self-publishing options that are available to you. We are on the coalface of publishing and are up-to-date with the many things in the industry that are changing.

We provide a consultation service to select customers who are committed to setting up accounts themselves.

What is included?
During your consultation, your book publishing expert will cover what you need to know about:

  • Whether or not you should use an ebook aggregator
  • Where to go to set up your ebook accounts
  • What information, software, hardware you will need
  • A heads up on some of the decisions you will need to make
  • Tax registrations with overseas countries (e.g. the IRS, W8-BEN, etc)
  • Territories, pricing and currency conversion questions
  • How to utilise vendor back-ends to market the ebook
  • What to expect from incoming payment (e.g. bank fees, sales reports, etc)
  • What will the sales reports be like from each vendor?
  • How safe will my ebook files be (to DRM or not)?
  • Will my ebook be pirated and what should I do about it?

If you're interested in utilising this service please contact us. We'll start by asking for a few simple questions to help determine if you are set up properly to self-publish ebooks directly with vendors. If not, we will recommend an aggregation option that will work for you.


$90.00+GST per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Each one includes 1–2 hrs of skype conferences, phone or email. Extra charge for face-to-face depends on location and time of day. Additional hours available at hourly consultation rate of $90 + GST.

The time allowed for publishing consultation is a maximum and not an entitlement; it is not transferable to other services with us.

Timeframe: 3-14 days (please discuss your needs)

Ebook QA (Quality Assurance), File Validation and Technical Check

We can check your self-created ePub for readiness for publication.

So you've done it yourself! You've had a go. You've made an ePub and tested it on your device. It looks OK. You may have even used the IDPF ePub validator to make sure the coding is all done correctly, but you are not 100% sure it will be acceptable to the vendors you wish to load it to, or that it is done properly and optimally for the enjoyment and ease of your readers.

The Team at Australian eBook Publisher can help!

If you have your own epub file it is important to have it tested for good functionality, specifically on the devices you intend for it to be read on.

This applies to reflowing ePub, fixed layout epub and KF8, interactive PDFs and more. As an aggregator we are familiar with the specifications for Apple, Amazon, Kobo, GooglePlay, Barnes & Noble Nook, and have also worked on projects for platforms intended for Adobe Digital Editions and BlueFire Reader, which display the same ePub file differently to a tablet or app.

We charge a flat fee to analyse other people's ebook files. This process involves us loading your ebook files onto our devices, validating them, checking if they pass the vendor requirements for the vendors of interest that you specify.

If you choose to have your ebook files analysed Australian eBook Publisher will

  • Load the epub to our devices and test run it
  • Test the epub on device-simulators for major devices and apps relevant to your distribution method
  • Run it through the epub validation check to ensure it is ready for professional publishing
  • Check the code to ensure we believe Apple will accept it
  • Provide a report/checklist of things we noticed that are either imperative or optional for you to change prior to publishing

Price :

Per title (epub and KF8) $140.00+GST
Timeframe: 3-14 days (please discuss your needs)

Publishing Cost Benefits Analysis

Get the inside information that will arm you with the power to decide how viable your publishing project is, what price you need to set based on how many copies you expect to be able to sell and where, with what royalties. Includes a 30-minute advice session with a publishing consultant and 1 Cost Benefits Analysis report (PDF).

The figures are calculated estimates based on years of research and current industry information, including exchange rates, royalties, bank fees, charges from ebook vendors, and aggregation fees and commissions if any.

If you want to know answers to the following this is a must-have service:

  • How much money will I make selling my ebook?
  • What price should I sell my ebook for?
  • How do I decide what ebook royalty option to choose?
  • How do I choose an ebook vendor and/or aggregator that will suit me?
  • How many copies of my book or ebook will I need to sell to start to profit?

We can also provide this service for print projects including offset printing projects and print-on-demand where we are the distributor and/or have access to all the information required.


1 ebook, $140.00+GST
1 print-on-demand book, $190.00+GST
Timeframe: 3-14 days (please discuss your needs)

How does publishing consultation work?

Your publishing consultant will be best equipped to answer your questions if she knows more about you and your book. This will take time and so she would like to receive the files you are working with on your book and some more information from you and invoice payment prior to the first publishing consultation phone call.

After going through your information, your book publishing expert will work with you via phone, email or Skype during business hours AEST 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday to get your self-publishing dreams to come true!

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