It’s one thing to create and publish a book. It’s another to sell that book to a viable target audience.

There are more than 60,000 new self-published books being released per month in the USA. While it has never been easier than it is now to self-publish, there are lots of other people doing it.

So how do you build that all-important author platform, and even if you already have a platform, what steps should you take to be prepared and plan properly to promote your new book?

Our team of book marketing consultants will work with books published via PublishMyBook.Online or elsewhere. All you need is a book and a willingness to learn.

Book marketing action plan

What you need before you do anything is a solid book promotion plan. Marketing each book is different, just as marketing each author is different. We know better than most that there are as many different kinds of books as there are human beings on this planet. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, however our book marketing consultants have skills that transfer to just about any book.

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Blurb edited and optimised

Apart from the title and cover design, the blurb is the single-most important thing in marketing a book. You only have two or three paragraphs to make your target market desire your book, so your words must be tantalising and right for the genre. Not only that, but once you publish your book online, there is keyword optimisation to consider.

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Advanced book review management

Genuine book reviews and professional media reviews can make all the difference to whether a book becomes a sensation or not. So how do you encourage people to review your book or ebook? What information do you need to send them, how do you approach them, and are there any platforms out there that let you reach directly to book reviewers and bloggers?

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Websites for an author or book

It just makes sense to have the same team that is designing or publishing your book produce your website. It will be search engine friendly, fast to load and mobile responsive. There’s an option for every budget.

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Posters and Flyers

We will design, print and ship (within Australia) 250 x bookmarks, 250 x posters and 500 flyers for AUD $710+GST.

Social Media Marketing for Authors and Books

We will manage your social media pages/accounts for you, respond to incoming messages and comments, add images and videos that you provide, post updates (eg. on at least two separate days per week) and interact with relevant connections on Facebook to build relationships and increase followers. When something pertinent occurs you will be notified by email or phone...

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