I would like a professional to create my ebook files

Here at PublishMyBook.Online, we don’t only create ebook files—we include full project management and quality control as well. This is not comparable to going to an ebook conversion house because their work will not be up to the same standards, nor will they follow the same procedures as PublishMyBook.Online.

Project management means that your information will be obtained properly so that nothing is left out. We will communicate with you at every step until completion.

Quality control means that the intended distribution is taken into account for compatibility, and each ebook format will be checked and tested in the correct apps. Whether your ebook is reflowing (standard) epub or fixed layout, PublishMyBook.Online has a deep understanding of what software truly simulates your eventual readers’ experience of your ebook.

We do everything to a professional standard so that your ebook will appear to be on a par with a traditionally published ebook, or better!

  • We project manage the entire publishing project from start to finish
  • We offer formatting for manuscripts
  • We manage your front matter, including the publishing details page
  • We have standard quality control procedures and provide quality assurance and validation for ebook files including epub, iba, kf8 and more

What will you need from me?

We can work with just about anything, but the most common scenarios are:

  1. You provide us with a Microsoft Word document. If the book contains images these should be included in the Word document. If they are detailed, please also provide the original, vector, working image files.
  2. You provide us with a finished PDF of a printed book. If the book contains images or special fonts, these should be provided as part of an InDesign package. If the images need to be altered, please also provide the original working image files (eg. Photoshop or Illustrator).
  3. you provide a hard copy book and we chop off the spine, then scan all pages and OCR the text prior to ebook conversion

For more detailed instructions please contact us and provide a Dropbox link to view some or all of your files, so we can have one of our designers analyse them and make a personal recommendation to you.

Why choose PMBO for ebook conversion?

We have published more than 500 ebooks, and our publishing coordinators are intently focused on delivering high-quality ebook files to our customers. This is ebook conversion and quality assurance all rolled in to one. You will not be on your own while working with PublishMyBook.Online.

Please view some screenshots from our portfolio of ebooks.

I think I can do it myself

While it may be possible for you to convert from one file format to another, have you ever published a professional-looking ebook before? Do you really have the knowledge to test your ebook and verify your files are valid on all the platforms and devices where you intend to sell it?

There are so many ways to create ebook files, but we choose to use a reliable method that isn’t like the kludgy meatgrinders on offer with other companies. We have design and publishing experts that go through every page of our ebooks to ensure they function correctly, are easy to read on devices, and look professional and attractive to the reader.

If you can provide your own ebook files ready for loading to our ebook vendors, please feel free. This service is called Aggregation Only and we start by analysing your files to ensure they:

  1. pass our quality standards (to ensure a good reader experience and promote your author brand)
  2. are valid according to epub standards
  3. pass any specific requirements of the vendors such as Apple
  4. have optimised images, video and formatting to ensure file sizes are balanced appropriately with quality
  5. work on the intended software and devices that the distribution will be facilitating

Each ebook file analysis is AUD $70+GST | NZD $78 | CAD $68 | GBP £40| EUR €45 | USD $53

If you have created your own epub files you will pay double the prices above for our ebook quality assurance process. You will receive a report back and, if any changes are recommended, you may be able to implement these yourself. If not, we will be happy to give you a quote to make your ebook files valid, improve them or start over from the original manuscript, PDF or layout files.

How to choose a good ebook converter

We’ve heard all sorts of stories from the many and varied services and software available to convert ebook files. The key is to find a team of people who will help you and treat you like a human being. If you go it alone, make sure you have the IT skills to test your resulting files properly, and be prepared to spend hours working on it.

For a free project scope and quote, please send us the details and/or upload your document to Dropbox and send us the link via the Contact Us page.

Feedback about our ebook conversion services

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