Book Editing Prices

You can find out more about our editing services and our editors.

Prices for an Australian manuscript assessor
$120 +GST for up to 5,000 words
$400 +GST for up to 40,000 words
$500 +GST for up to 100,000 words
$825 +GST for up to 150,000 words

Prices for an Australian proofreader or editor
$88 inc GST per hour

The time required depends on your manuscript, but may be in the following range:

2–4 hours for up to 5,000 words $160–$320+GST
10–27 hours for up to 40,000 words $800–$2,160+GST
25–67 hours for up to 100,000 words $2,000–$5,360+GST
40–107 hours for up to 160,000 words $3,200–$8,560+GST

Proofreading is likely to be on the lighter side, and line editing, which involves some rewriting and commenting, may be on the heavier side. To find out which your manuscript needs, please go for a FREE quick look by one of our editors or a manuscript assessment of the first 5,000 words. The quick look involves a FREE 15-minute sample edit if your work is more than 30,000 words. Contact us

Ebook publishing prices

Please contact us if there are additional complexities in your project, you wish to see our contract first, or for US or UK prices.


Incomparable customer service
All include project management, managing ISBNs, a publishing coordinator you can phone and email, all hyperlinks in supplied file will be retained, ebook files will be tested before drafts are sent to you, meta-data as supplied by you and creation of a meta table of contents. Please see 7.0 Ebook Service Terms in our terms of service for details, or contact us.

  • National publication registration1

  • Ebook cover design

  • Ebook conversion and quality control—to epub and mobi

  • Complexities—images, tables, etc.

  • Ebook aggregation—distribution
Stream Publishing

Suitable for fiction or non-fiction books up to 70,000 words, picture books up to 32-pages. We will use reflowable or fixed layout formats as required.

  • National publication registration1 not included

  • BYO cover

  • 2 drafts

  • Paragraphs, lists and headings only

  • Choice of vendors and %s that will suit you #

cascade Publishing

Your novel, memoir or non-fiction book up to 120,000 words will be excellent in the CASCADE package.

  • National registration1

  • Basic cover design (or superb cover design, and deduct national registration1 above)

  • 4 drafts

  • <60 images or <100 references (for both please add $100)

  • Choice of vendors and %s that will suit you) #
Ocean Publishing

Best for larger projects where more complexities exist in the book or the project requires more care and attention.

  • National registration1 and legal deposit

  • Superb cover design*

  • 6 drafts

  • <120 images and/or <200 references and/or <20 tables

  • Choice of vendors and %s that will suit you #

All prices shown are in AUD and exclude GST which will be payable on the total of each invoice. Deposit of 50% is required prior to project start-up, and final 50% after conversion but prior to aggregation. PayPal buy buttons above require 100% upfront payment, but if you'd rather start by paying a 50% deposit, please contact us to send you a 50% deposit invoice. You will be able to pay the invoice via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Project timeframes depend on customers and project complexity and vary from 4-8 weeks usually.

  1. National registration of books depends on the country of the publisher. PublishMyBook is located in Australia, so if our brand is going on your book, we will register the publication with Australia's National Library Catalogue-in-publication and Trove as well as our local (Queensland) state library. Please discuss with your publishing coordinator after the project starts up (extra charges may apply). If you would like to DIY there is a handy article about how to do so here.
  2. See some examples of our basic book cover design and a definition of this service
  3. *Website special. Only available to customers paying up-front using the PayPal Buy it Now button.
  4. # Our ebook distribution publishing consultation service will cut to the chase with your personal situation to maximise your return from sales. We are among the few self-publishing companies that will try to work out what will work best for you. If you later decide to go with our aggregation service (distribution on our accounts with vendors) you will get $50 off this service.

Cover design prices

Please visit our book cover design portfolio and view our book cover design packages for full details and prices.

Printed book + Ebook publishing prices

There are so many variables in managing a book publishing project. Your business situation and your book will determine what we need to do for you. We are flexible to offer complete publishing services (we do it all for you) as well as support you to do your own distribution. Below is a typical summary of a book design and ebook quote where we are going to support the author to do their own printing and distribution via print-on-demand and major ebook sellers. It combines book design and ebook conversion with publishing consultation. '+' symbol indicates where service costs can increase due to project parameters and length of book. The below prices would apply, with no increases, for a work of fiction or a simple memoir of up to 50,000 words with no images, tables or references.

Task and parameters


Price in AUD

(ex GST)

Project management: set-up, contract fee, work with ISBNs, book registrations and update book databases



Cover design for print and ebook: custom, bespoke front, spine and back designed just for your book. Includes 1 image we will source.

See cover design packages for other options


Printed book design: typesetting, layout proof-check and PDF print readiness



Ebook creation (SAVE $61*), quality control and device compatibility testing



Print-on-demand consultation

Save $20


Nb. GST will be added to the total of each invoice made out to an Australian entity




Ebook aggregation prices

If you prefer to have PublishMyBook.Online load your printed book and/or ebook for sale on our own accounts rather than have the consultation mentioned above, our book distribution fees are below. Unfortunately, we only offer distribution for print books that we have designed ourselves or ebooks we have converted.

Task and parameters


Price in AUD

(ex GST)

Ebook aggregation direct to vendors including Apple, Amazon, GooglePlay, Kobo, Overdrive and EBSCO. We set up a one-year contract with you that offers you 85% of the net receipts.

(If no Amazon deduct $49)


Renewal of publishing contract for a further one year.