Your book cover needs to appeal to the target market. For ebooks this means the front cover only, and it is often seen only as a thumbnail prior to purchasing. For printed books this means the back, spine and front. Every aspect of your book cover needs to work hard to give your book the right look and feel.

Why choose PMBO for book cover design?

We have designed more than a hundred books for print, and we have the experience to communicate with you and prepare your book cover properly for ebook conversion, print-on-demand or offset book printing.

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Images for book cover design

The magic of a cover design—the power that can make or break the success of your book—often comes down to the imagery used by the graphic designer. Whether you are supplying the main image or not, your book cover designer must piece every aspect of the cover design together just right. The spacing, fonts, colours and overall effect are just the tip of the iceberg. But the image itself, or images, are often a critical part of this.

If you do not already have an illustration, stock image or photograph to go on your book cover, we can:

Should your book require a stock image we can purchase one for you and pass the cost to you. Most of our quotes include our time to find and the cost to purchase one stock image. We also have a large digital asset collection we can draw upon without the need to charge fees for most of them. If more time or budget is required for some reason, we will let you know at the earliest moment.

Some of our best Australian book cover designs

Here at PublishMyBook.Online we have the skills to make the very best cover your book deserves. We have a range of prices for you to choose what will suit you. You might be surprised to learn that some of our best covers, which have even won awards, were done for under AUD$600 (USD$470).

Our superb and deluxe book cover design service includes a quick proofread of your text and planning ahead to create high enough quality graphics in case you decide to go to print later.

For a free comment and custom quote on taking your cover design brief and turning it into an attractive book cover please contact us.

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