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We have operated as Australian eBook Publisher since 2011 and distribute ebooks directly to major vendors, and print-on-demand books via Ingram Content Group.

We enable authors to publish their books online. If you want to publish your book on the internet, but need help doing so, this is the place to be.

Most authors these days know that it is easier than ever to make a book available online, whether it is in print or ebook or both. This opens up a global market to everyday writers, business owners and entrepreneurs. But should you go directly to the vendors or use a third-party publishing company or aggregator?

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We can distribute books directly to ebook vendors and print-on-demand, set up accounts on your behalf or teach you how to do it yourself. We will do what we think is best for you. Isn't that amazing? Read on for some of the benefits of working with us, rather than going it alone.


Printed book distribution

Many authors and publishers work with us because we can bring all the services required to publish a book under one roof. This includes arranging distribution of printed books via print-on-demand.

Usually we have designed these ready for the printer, but if you have print files ready and need us to arrange printing as well as ebook conversion, please contact us to supply your files via Dropbox for our analysis. Whether you are working with our editors and designers or not, we can provide advice to you about how to set-up your new publishing brand and sell your books optimally for your situation. We call this publishing consultation.

Ebook distribution

Distributing ebooks online is simple with PublishMyBook.Online because we do it all for you. We will carefully acquire your meta-data, convert your ebook files if you haven’t done so already, test the ebook and load it for sale. We will then provide you with the links to sell your ebook and give you access to log on and view the sales and payment data as they roll in. Simple!

In some cases, we do not use an aggregation service to load your ebook files. We are an aggregation service! We can publish ebooks directly onto our publisher accounts with Amazon, Apple, GooglePlay, EBSCO, Overdrive and Kobo.

Our aggregation is not always the best fit for every customer. If your book needs to go out with a different distribution strategy, we can create an author email address and accounts for you or teach you how to do so as part of a publishing consultation.

By going direct to the above vendors, our ebook publishing coordinators have a very visceral relationship with them, and know exactly what each one requires and offers in terms of ebook meta-data and book promotion opportunities. You may also be interested in getting one of our book marketing consultants to optimise your meta-data prior to loading.

Advantages of aggregation on our book and ebook accounts

For the duration of your author-friendly contract, you will enjoy:

  1. Royalties dashboard access, a database showing sales and payment data, as well as royalties owed to you1
  2. You can sell from your website too
  3. ISBNs plus data loaded to BowkerLink (books in print database), if required
  4. Royalty payments at 85% of net receipts
  5. One free price change per calendar year
  6. Simple sales reports with our quarterly royalty payments
  7. We look after all applicable international tax issues to do with book and ebook sales we make. PublishMyBook.Online is not subject to 30% withholding tax in the USA, for example
  8. Most of our Australian authors do not have to claim the income from their book sales, if they do not have an ABN it is hobby income
  9. Negligible losses due to exchange rates and bank fees, VS going direct, which incurs a bank fee on each payment received after currency exchange from every territory at most vendors

Most of our contracts run for one year, and afterwards there is a small contract renewal fee to keep your book and/or ebook up for sale for a further year. Our processes are human, not automated, so that’s why we require this small extra commitment from you every year.

This is why it is important for you to carefully weigh the pros and cons for your situation, and we are happy to help you do so as part of a publishing consultation.

Our pricing structure is competitive and you have the advantage of dealing with us, your personal assisted self-publishing experts. Some of our competitors charge £7 per month (AUD$150 per annum) or more per ebook to have it up for sale. Others don’t even mention their ongoing fees, for obvious reasons!

How much does it cost?

For a quote please contact us, inform us of your preferred currency and provide a Dropbox link so we can view some or all of your files.

For our most common packages, please visit the PRICE page.


Why choose PMBO for ebook distribution and print on demand?

We have published more than five hundred books, and we will tailor each project to suit you and your book. We can pay you in US or Australian dollars via PayPal or bank transfer. You will not be on your own while working with PublishMyBook.Online.

i. Please note: Sales and payment data from the vendors Overdrive, Audible, EBSCO and Barnes & Noble Nook will not be available in our Royalties Dashboard, but will be accounted manually once per annum at the same time as one of our usual royalties payments (quarterly). For details please refer to your contract.

Feedback about our book and ebook distribution services

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