Does a writer have to do everything these days?

Does a writer have to do everything these days?

Burnt out writer Do you remember what it was like writing as a child? There were no deadlines. You had plenty of time, ideas and inspiration. No layout or formats to wrangle…

These days it seems like writers have to do everything. You have to edit your own work and beg your friends and neighbours who are good with words to proofread it. You can download templates to format your book ready to send to a printer. Figure out the margins, page number, front and back matter, add your publishing details etc. This is easier said than done, as many who contact us attest.

You can find a freelance book cover designer from somewhere in the world and hope that they simply get you, get your book, and come up with something correct for your target readership. You have to write your own blurb, come up with your own keywords, prices and selling information. Decide upon a publishing brand and buy your own ISBNs. Do your own legal deposits, contact libraries, organise talks, and the list goes on. Plan your own marketing campaigns and learn how to analyse the sales data, if you’re lucky enough to get any.

There seems to be no end to the things required of a writer’s time other than writing. Before you know it, you’ve spent a year trying to publish and promote a book, you’ve lost heart and you certainly haven’t had any time for writing another book. You aren’t sure if what you ended up with is really up to scratch. Perhaps that’s why nobody is buying your book, after all that effort.

Some writers are adept at navigating all the project management, production and publishing tasks required to get a book—a new product—off the ground. Others aren’t.

If you’re in the latter group, you may be a writer who would rather write the next book, and let a team of professionals handle the nitty gritty world of typography, margins, formats, conversion, apps, distribution and meta-data. Instead of having to Google your way through a minefield of misinformation and an overwhelming plethora of half-relevant, out-of-date tips and tricks, contact PublishMyBook.Online

And guess what!

We are not publishing books about how to publish books
We aren’t selling a ‘how to become an overnight sensation’ and ‘ten ways to become a best-seller on Amazon’ because—frankly—we don’t have time! We’re too busy publishing REAL books, books for actual target markets, not books for book people.

It begs the question doesn’t it, that if someone is such an amazing publishing guru they have built a skeletal selling system and sell bajillions of books all about how to publish books, market books, sell books. If they are so great at publishing successful books, why are they selling to you? Why aren’t they getting on with their own writing… oh wait… that is their business… this is all there is to their business… selling to you.

Do these gurus really have all the right information you need to reach your target market? The answer is probably not, because their real skill is in reaching you.

We’re here for the writer who wants to get on with writing

We just want to get on with publishing books, not books about publishing, but books about your expertise and passion. Fiction books that inspire and tantalise. Non-fiction books that educate and expand the minds of readers.

So go on, contact us! We dare you.

Get your creativity back. Let us handle the publishing. Because your time is precious.

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