If your time is better spent writing

Writers are required to do a lot of things other than writing to make inroads in their career. For some, this may be a challenge they relish, and a learning curve they enjoy, whereas others might find it difficult to achieve the quality their book deserves.

A writer of books must learn how to build an author platform and promote those books. You may or may not have marketing experience, but no matter what, there will be a steep learning curve when the complexities of book marketing are unveiled before you. This is equally applicable to self-published authors and traditional ones.

In addition to marketing skills, however, a book author who decides to self-publish must have excellent people skills and project management experience. You will need a vision for your books and a strong drive to see—sometimes mundane—tasks through to completion.

Navigating the creative aspects of book cover design, graphics and illustrations, internal book layout, referencing, permissions and copyright can be daunting. Just keeping yourself organised, saving files in logical places and coordinating advertising, publicity and deadlines is a challenge to many.

Not to mention the technical side of publishing a book online—managing to present the right file formats to the right vendors, making print-ready PDFs for CreateSpace, LuLu or IngramSpark, ebook conversion, distribution, taxes, royalties, international bank fees and the list goes on.

That’s where service providers come in. Not just to alleviate any skills lack, but to save your time! You can then spend your time more wisely—on writing and marketing your books.

What if there was a way to just do what you love?

We’ll do the work for you and save your precious time
Self-publishing can be a challenging and lonely process. At PMBO we are at your side, supporting you on every step of the journey. We provide an all-encompassing, personalised and dedicated service. We know the publishing industry, so we understand publishing standards and formatting requirements, as well as registration requirements and how book vendors work.

We can assist you with any challenges you come up against throughout the process; whether it be book editing, formatting, design, printing, conversion, or testing ebooks on devices. We manage these stages for you, so your book can be in a reader’s hands in the shortest time possible.

At PMBO you will be assigned a publishing coordinator, who will communicate with you every step of the way. They will be there to assist you with all the tasks required to make sure your book is published to your deadlines and to your budget. Your publishing coordinator will do the hard yards for you and then hand back to you for your approval. If something is not quite right, you can ask them to change it, and they’ll make it happen.

A publishing coordinator is your sounding board and your second pair of eyes. After publishing more than 500 ebooks, they have a finely-tuned knack for looking for problems and will work to resolve these as they arise—saving you precious time down the track. Most self-publishing services just do the bare minimum, and hope you won’t realise what you’re missing out on. So, if you want a quality book and supreme customer service, choose PMBO.

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