Book Distribution via POD

Print-on-demand—is it right for you?

Print-on-demand (POD) is a good way to distribute your book as it gives you access to markets you wouldn't otherwise have access to. You can use POD to test the market, build residual income, increase your author platform and more.

You can order stock to sell your book directly to readers, and/or you can offer the book via POD to tens of thousands of booksellers all over the world.

Advantages include:

  1. Print-on-demand places your book on a database accessed by more than 39,000 online bookstores, physical book retailers, libraries and schools in the UK and Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.
  2. With print-on-demand you can order copies of your book as you need them (1–500)
  3. The alternative involves a large and risky investment in a print-run of 1,000+
  4. Print-on-demand saves you from having to store large numbers of books and handle shipping of orders yourself

How does print-on-demand work?

PublishMyBook.Online will design your book for print and make all print-on-demand arrangements with our POD supplier, Ingram Content Group. Once we have your print-ready book files we submit them to Ingram Content Group. They charge us a fee for each individual file we submit as they check the files and store them on their server.

We will be able to print and ship copies of your book to you as needed, usually within 2–4 weeks.

Book design and typesetting

Please visit our book design page for more details about our top quality book layout (typesetting) services. If you're looking for one of the best book designers in the world, contact us.

You can choose from hardcover and paperback

Book size (also known as trim size)
We can design books at just about any size, and we can advise you if the printer you wish to use accepts that size and orientation. Most offer dozens of options in paper size, however print-on-demand companies do not usually produce landscape books. For that, you will need our book printing brokerage service (minimum of 1,000 copies).

With novels and memoirs, we often work with books sized at B format (198mm x 129mm), a common paperback size. If you have a specific book size in mind please let us know.

You can choose to have a white or creme interior page colour. Look at your favourite books to find out what you prefer. Note: some book sizes impose limits on paper type.
       WHITE: For an example of one of our greyscale books printed on white, please purchase Pedal Stroke by Nick Wildsmith (UK, US/Australia/NZ).
       CREME: For an example of one of our greyscale books printed on creme, please purchase Talon by Amanda Greenslade (UK, US/Australia/NZ).

All covers are printed in colour. We can set the printing at greyscale or full colour for the interior pages of your book. Note: as POD is printed digitally, you will be able to see (upon very close inspection) the dotted print matrix. This is slightly more noticeable with greyscale images and text as they only print with black ink, so in order to create gradients they have to use a technique called ‘halftones’. If the highest quality gloss photography is important for your printed book, please ask us about our book printing brokerage service.

Choose from:
Saddle stitch, perfect bound, case laminate (hardcover) and cloth binding (note: not all binding types are available for different page lengths and sizes. Please let us know your preferred binding and we will see if the printer in question allows it).

Print-ready Files
PublishMyBook.Online can generate an attractive layout from your Microsoft Word (or other) manuscript. We can also design the cover for your printed book, which involves creating one single PDF of the back, spine and front cover.

PublishMyBook.Online employs professional book designers and has the combined experience of designing and publishing more than 100 books or magazines for print.

If you are halfway through an attempt to do it yourself, please let us know as we will need to analyse your files before providing a quote to take it further. Please contact us about our book layout files analysis fee.

Ordering a new print run

After we have a fully signed contract and have loaded your book for sale, you will be able to order a new print run whenever you need to. How much it costs depends on your book and how many copies, so we are not even able to give any ballpark figures here. We will let you know the cost and charge you prior to ordering. Once paid, we will order the print run for you right away. Please allow 2–4 weeks for delivery.


By default, print-on-demand includes distribution, but if you do not want to sell your book worldwide (for example if it is a family heirloom only) just let us know. Most of our printed books are available globally for booksellers to purchase and sell to consumers. The data feed will automatically list your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Book Depository, bookstores all over the world, and thousands of other online and offline retailers of books.

How much will I earn from selling my book via print-on-demand?

PublishMyBook.Online will not keep a cent of your earnings. Unless you choose a discounted uploading fee, we will be distributing your book and paying you 100% of the net receipts. That means whatever we get in our bank after all bank fees and currency conversion, we will then pay to you via bank transfer or PayPal.

The net receipts amount or "earnings" you receive depend on your RRP, the printing and shipping costs for your book, the country and currency of the sale, and the discount offered to booksellers. For more specific information relevant to your situation please engage one of our publishing consultants.

To learn more about the discount that applies to the bookstores, our customers are offered training and documentation.

Your book on bookstores

Once we have loaded your book to POD and approve it for distribution it can take anywhere from 2–6 weeks to display your book on the booksellers.

It is the bookseller’s right to display the book however they like using the information provided by PublishMyBook.Online. This may include displaying the RRP differently to how it was supplied.



  • Printing (depends on size and type of book, paper, etc.)
  • Shipping (depends on above, as well as destination city and country to ship to)
  • Upload fee (a fee we pay the supplier for each uploaded file)
  • Project management charges (for our time)
  • Reupload fee (if applicable)
  • A renewal fee (to renew the contract with us when your contract runs out, usually every 2 years)

How does print-on-demand book ordering work?

One thing new authors often ask is what happens when individuals go online and order their book (hard copy) through Amazon or another online provider. Does an order then get generated with the wholesale or retail bookseller, who then orders from the print-on-demand distribution we use (Ingram Content Group)? Each and every time? And does the printer supply direct to the individual purchaser’s address?

The answer is that booksellers have the option as to where they place the order—they may place it direct with Ingram Content Group or via a retailer who will then order via Ingram Content Group as a wholesaler. Ingram Content Group will supply to either the bookstore or to the individual who placed the order. Most retailers have the order shipped back to them so they can invoice the customer or the customer can collect the book(s) from the bookstore.

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