Will my editor take control away from me?

At PMBO, the role of our editors is one of support, not control.

The editor assigned to work with you is a skilled expert. Their role is to utilise their knowledge and experience to complete the requested edit, so your book is published to the highest standard. Your editor is trained to work with words, to search for problems before they reveal themselves, and to maintain accuracy and continuity. Above all, their role is to collaborate with you, the writer, and support you in delivering the book you envisioned.

If your editor makes changes which you do not want to accept or only want to accept in part, that’s okay—they won’t take it personally. You, and only you as the writer, know your work and what the intended outcome of the piece is.

If you aren’t sure about the suggested changes, your editor is always on hand to discuss them and perhaps explain them to you if you are unclear about the reason for the change. This may help you choose to accept the changes. If you are still unsure, your editor can work with you to find a solution which implements their recommendations and still maintains your own creative intent.

Remember at PMBO, you can trust your editor will give your book everything they have, so you produce the best book possible.

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