How do I protect my idea from being stolen?

This is a tough one!

It is often posited that there is no such thing as a unique idea and that at the time you have an idea, it is likely that someone, somewhere, is likely having that same idea. What you can control is what you do with that idea when you have it. All too often you see stories about people who had an idea, and then never did anything about it, and suddenly someone has executed the idea, and the person feels as though their idea has been stolen. Nothing has been stolen, especially if that person had no knowledge of said person’s idea.

“Keep your book idea close to your heart because ideas cannot be protected, only an expression of an idea can be protected.”

What’s important to consider is not how do I protect my idea, but what can I do now with this idea, so that I have something to protect? This is because laws only exist to protect the expression of an idea, not simply an idea or thought. It is only when you put words down and write a first draft that your words are protected by copyright. Copyright is free in Australia and doesn’t require registration, so it automatically applies at the time of writing.

It may be easier to prove the writing was yours, however, if you have self-published it or you have a publishing contract about it. That’s where PublishMyBook.Online can come in, so just contact us about your needs.

It may also be of comfort to know that stealing book ideas isn’t the most profitable thing for people to spend their time on, as publishing and marketing a book is a huge investment.

For more information about Australian copyright law, please contact Copyright Agency Limited or the Australian Copyright Council.

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