How much money will I earn when you aggregate my book?

Some of our authors earn $1,000 or more per quarter, others earn hundreds, all the way down to nothing. It really depends on how strong each author's platform is, how vigorous their book marketing activity is, and/or how good their book is. Being good also requires a target market that is hungry for the content. Assuming you are on top of all those aspects of book marketing, you stand to gain the following:

When aggregated by PublishMyBook.Online

85% of net receipts

Net receipts depend on the vendor, country of sale, exchange rates, bank fees and other factors. List price means the sale price less any applicable taxes. Here are the percentages we expect to be paid by vendors:

  • Apple 70% of list price
  • Amazon 70% of list price for books priced $2.99-9.99 in USD minus download fees, major territories only
  • Amazon 35% of list price for all other kinds of sales
  • Kobo 55% of list price
  • GooglePlay Books 45-52% of list price
  • Barnes & Noble Nook 50% of list price
  • Overdrive and EBSCO 60% of list price (however some of these sales are for lending, meaning your ebook can be leant out multiple times throughout the year with no additional earnings)

When you become an aggregation customer of PublishMyBook.Online or Australian eBook Publisher, you will receive our royalty payments PDF. Otherwise, we can provide specific advice to you as part of a publishing consultation or costs-benefits analysis.

When going direct to vendors yourself

You will earn 100% of the net receipts. Percentages may be similar to the above, however you may not be able to distribute with GooglePlay Books, Overdrive or EBSCO, which does not work with independent authors. Kobo offers an indie service, which will have a different royalty structure than what PMBO is able to earn as a "publisher". Please consider working with us in publishing consultation to help you get started and answer all those difficult questions that seem to have a thousand different answers when you research online.

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