How much money can I make selling books?

The percentages vary, but there are currently two models common in the self-publishing space, especially if you're willing to work with a US-based business.

Model 1 - pay more up front, earn more from book sales
In this model, you can expect to get some personalised design and customer service from your publishing company of choice. Some of these companies have large sales funnel websites that sell you more and more things the deeper you go. They might even pay you 100% of the net receipts. Net receipts means what they get paid by the actual bookstore or ebook vendor. The biggest ones are automated and many will be offshoring their services. What this means is that you have to do a lot of the work to manage your project, communicate to get it done right etc.

Model 2 - pay less up front, earn less from book sales
In this model, the self-publishing business is able to turn a profit on the sheer volume of books and ebooks it publishes. Thousands of new publications every year, and the company keeps at least 15% of the net receipts. It all adds up.

What model is PublishMyBook.Online offering?
We are more like a boutique publisher than an aggregator. Our distribution processes are careful and manual, not automated. Automated really means you are doing it on a website yourself. We offer publishing consultation to those who want to keep their upfront costs down and maximise their earnings later. There are so many options to choose from, we will find the right solution for you.

For those who really don't want to DIY or use automted systems, we can distribute print-on-demand and ebooks for them, and we pay 85% of the net receipts. As a small business, we do not benefit from the large volume as described in model 2 above. You can read more about our ebook distribution on the Australian eBook Publisher website.

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