Once you've written your book you will need to let the world know about it. Promoting a product to a target audience is called marketing. When someone goes to your website or visits an online bookstore, like Amazon, to purchase your book, that is called sales. With tens of thousands of new books being released every month, you will need to market your book in order to make sales.

You may already know that marketing books includes things like:

  • Getting the selling information right
  • Having a good cover design
  • Advertising your book on social media
  • Writing blog or website articles regularly
  • Running pay-per-click ads on your website
  • Creating a book trailer or author interview video

But do you know how to do the above? How can you be sure you are using the right creative (words and imagery) to go with your ideas? Do you know how to get reviews of your book on vendors? Do you have a copywriter or a graphic designer you can call upon to work with you, to check your work and give you objective feedback?

At PublishMyBook.Online, we have the experience of publishing books in print and as ebooks since 2011 and we have the selling data of more than 500 titles. We also know about other sources where you can get information, upload content about your book, meet reviewers, run ads and create videos on a shoestring budget.

Our Book Marketing Action Plan includes analysis, a book marketing plan, author marketing consultation and some actual marketing activity. This is like a training course for you, but totally personalised and with your own assigned marketing consultant, editor and designer contributing to your marketing plan.

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A PMBO Book Marketing Action Plan includes identifying the target audience, analysing the sales data you plan to use online, improving the saleability of your book and teaching you how to take practical steps to promote it both online and offline.

After providing you with your customised plan, which is tailored specifically for you, your book, your genre and your target market, you will also have one hour of time with your personal book marketing consultant. Use this time via phone, email or Skype as needed.


Every author is different, and so is every book. The first step for your consultant will be to become familiar with what the book is, who it is for, sales strategies you are using or are planning to use etc. She will read the first chapter, discuss the front cover with other consultants at PMBO, research the target market and help you pinpoint the target audience. We will analyse the saleability of your book and communicate with you about any key areas that need improvement.

Meta-data Proofread and Analysis
The information that turns up on book and ebook stores (for vendors like Apple, Amazon, Kobo and Google Play) is one of the most important steps in marketing your book. Using our knowledge of what meta-data is searchable we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing book title, description (blurb), categorisation, age target etc. We will discuss pricing in regards to the market position of your book and/or ebook.

Author Platform
What selling platform are you launching your book from? Is it an author brand, a business brand, an organisation or government department? What opportunities do you have to communicate with an existing audience? We will analyse the performance of your existing Selling Platform or provide information about developing one. A powerful author platform is an important step to connect optimally with your readership

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We will create a customised Marketing Action Plan (MAP) for you to implement. This MAP includes all the key selling information such as marketing text (advertising spiels) for your book and your author platform, or training and prompts for you to create them. It pin-points some of the key things you will need to do in order to promote your book, such as getting reviews, improving online sales rank, websites, blogs, social media and advertising.

We will tailor a MAP for you, based on:

  • Your book’s first chapter, hook, appeal, accuracy etc.
  • Your book’s selling information, including title, blurb, genre, cover, price and other meta-data
  • Your individual profile as a writer or your organisation/business platform and branding
  • Other similar books in the same marketplace
  • Your target market, where they are, what devices they use, what they are searching for etc.
  • Your existing marketing efforts and plans
  • Your previous efforts and experience with selling books/ebooks

This marketing plan will include a number of avenues that you can take in order to promote your book and/or ebook, including:

  • How to get reviews of your book
  • How to use social media to support sales of your book
  • Sales copy (text) and where to use different pitches
  • What marketing materials pitches to have ready for when opportunities arise
  • How to make such opportunities arise
  • Networking
  • How to use a sales sheet
  • How to run a campaign or promotion and what is that anyway?
  • What advertising is worth doing for your book
  • What marketing materials and designs for print and web you will need
  • How to create an author website and/or blog
  • How to approach the media or get publicity
  • Influencers and viral marketing strategies
  • Reviews and awards if applicable
  • Vendor promos (eg. working out the right links, using Amazon Kindle Select etc.)
  • Other Internet Marketing (eg. SEO, book blog tours, if relevant to you)


Our Marketing Action Plan includes one hour of consultation, such as emails and discussions by phone and/or Skype to discuss the strategies that will work best for you. In addition to the MAP you will also receive a set of up-to-date marketing training documents, including how to use social media to sell books and/or boost your profile as an author.


Most of the Marketing Action Plan package is analysis, planning and consultation, but the following actual marketing activities are also often included, depending on your strategy. When requested we will:

  1. Put one of your books forward for consideration by vendor editorial team(s), for category spotlights etc1
  2. Acquire promo codes you can use to run give away promotions (such as on social media, in a magazine or newspaper)1
  3. Manage your first 90-days of Amazon Kindle Select, including up to 5 free days and up to 5 count-down deal days if available.1
  4. Help you to set up a Facebook Author page.
  5. Design and post a promotion of one book on our Facebook page, which you can freely use elsewhere.
  6. Design one book stub or author business card for you
  7. Provide you with a low-res PDF or ePub and Mobi advanced review copy (ARC) to send to potential reviewers or buyers2

This is a flexible service, and it is the starting point for more marketing services as well as a fantastic stand-alone consultation with a book marketing expert about building your author platform and promoting your book.

Whether you are new to marketing, or you are an experienced entrepreneur, you will get valuable up-to-date, experience-based tips on the best ways to market books and ebooks

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print and ebook—AUD $600+GST | NZD $665 | CAD $581 | GBP £343 | EUR €386 | USD $457

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  1. Only available while an aggregation contract for this book or ebook is in effect with PublishMyBook.Online and/or Australian eBook Publisher.
  2. Only available if PublishMyBook.Online and/or Australian eBook Publisher converted your ebook files for you (i.e. made epub and/or mobi from an original file type such as Word, PDF or InDesign).

Feedback about our marketing services

Although we can be critical, PMBO book editors give practical steps for improving each author’s writing. We know we are appreciated for our constructive criticism because our writers often come back to us for more.

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